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Digital Lumens | Intelligent Lighting System



“Unique features make this LED system stand out”

“The intelligent lighting system combines a number of innovative and cost saving/energy saving features that make this LED lighting system unique. The wireless capability and the ability to address and program individual fixtures is innovative, and are very good features for large warehouses, etc.,” says one judge. “Individual dimming features for daylight harvesting, etc., would also provide significant energy savings. The combination of these unique features makes this LED system stand out.”

digital lumens intelligent lighting system

The Digital Lumens Intelligent Lighting System is easy to install and can be deployed in a variety of rugged environments, the company says. The high bay LED lighting system features smart lights, wirelessly networked and centrally managed. Proven to reduce the cost of industrial lighting up to 90%, Digital Lumens is now a major competitor in LED lighting systems and has provided systems to major companies all over the world.

As one judge said, combining two existing technologies – LED and lighting controls – into a single package is useful for warehouse or distribution facilities that have not yet made the switch to efficient lighting or controls. “[That] would lead to a significant improvement in energy efficiency. Good idea!”