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Intelligent lighting control systems open up new commercial lighting patterns


With the LED development of computer technology, wireless communication technology, intelligent lighting is one of the important part , which has stepped forward in advance , thanks to intelligent lighting control mature system. Driven intelligent lighting is one sign of maturity of intelligent operating system. As we all known , the main purpose is to achieve intelligent lighting intelligent management and control, the other is energy-saving and environmental protection . The operating system with intelligent lighting must be met together, one can achieve humane, intelligent one-button operation , integrated visual management, control management , saving human labor, which two must implement energy saving and environmental protection .

Humane, intelligent, nergy saving, environmental protection

This demand is high-quality user experience with integrated hardware and software system integration . In hardware, the use of ZigBee wireless technology , combined with GPRS ( or 3G/4G) technology, ZigBee close operation , GPRS remote control, a combination of distance communication method can be thousands of miles away in the body , still make us disappear if the room. In software , highly integrated and scalable capabilities , basic needs ( light switch ) , expansion demand ( current, voltage, power factor detection ) , innovation needs ( single lamp control, multi- light interaction , dimming ) and flexible components. Both to meet the lighting needs , while expansion of more features, a better user experience.
led dream of queen light

Intelligent lightingcontrol systems, which must conform to the concept of energy saving nowadays , because the lighting has been the city 's large power consumption and energy saving lighting needs if reassurance under the premise is a problem that must be addressed . Emergence of intelligent lighting control system will solve this problem . More cities currently used to replace energy-saving lamps ( such as LED), hoping to solve this problem, but with the massive expansion of the city, lighting is also more and more, can not fundamentally solve , but using intelligent control system can solve this problem, to achieve the second energy-saving LED lamps on , LED dimmable function is to support the intelligent lighting control system capable of lighting according to time or in accordance with the demand for dimming and control, and can achieve a single lamp and lamp control multi-lamp control , further energy savings . And because LED products are environmentally friendly , can guarantee not pollute the environment. After comparison of the data , the use of large-scale intelligent lighting control system can save electricity.